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Addiction Makeup for Cheeks

Basically we do not accept multiple purchasing of one product. When you want to purchase double pieces or more of one product, let’s discuss. It can be changed due to the situations; brands/ time lag to be shipped etc.

Seems KOSE is going to describe “ADDICTION TOKYO” on the package since SS2020, but it is not meaning they change the brand name.

Addiction blushes are made in Japan. And no perfume.

Addiction The Blush

Addiction changed the formula for the powder blush in SS2022.

Addiction The Blush (Pearl)

Choose as your favorite.

  • 001P Nudist Beach
  • 002P Hazy Sunset
  • 003P Foggy Rose
  • 004P Coral Kiss
  • 005P Smoked Paprika
  • 006P So Emotional
  • 007P Sky Flower
  • 008P Fuchsia Berry
  • 009P Raspberry Chocolat
  • 010P Evening Hibiscus


Addiction The Blush (Matte)

  • 001M Sahara Sun
  • 002M Mimosa Sunrise
  • 003M Wild Ginger
  • 004M Burning Sky
  • 005M Nude Romance
  • 006M Naked Veil
  • 007M Rose Latte
  • 008M Timeless Petal
  • 009M Rose Wish
  • 010M Orchid Dusk
  • 011M Posh Plum
  • 012M Kiss the Night


Addiction The Blush (Nuancer)

  • 001N Beyond Light
  • 002N Golden Eden
  • 003N Color Me Sky
  • 004N Pink Bliss
  • 005N Aurora Veil
  • 006N Stellar Dus


Liquid Blush

Addiction Cheek Tint

  • 001 On Vacay
  • 002 Sneaking Out
  • 003 Inside of Me
  • 004 New Sensation
  • 005 Fill You Up


Addiction Cheek Polish

Liquid blush, there is a built-in brush to apply.

  • 04 Revenge
  • 06 Tadzio
  • 08 Reflection : Highlighter
  • 09 Sensually
  • 011 Autumn Afternoon : Non pearl
  • 012 Emotional : Gold pearl
  • 013 Moon Dance : Silver pearl
  • 014 Winter Blush : Non pearl



ADDICTION The Glow Stick

  • 001P Above the Moon
  • 002P When the Sky is Gold
  • 003P The Sun I can Touch
  • 011G Feel the Heat, See the Light


Addiction Cheek Stick

This Cheek Stick is not only for your blush, but also works as your eyeshadow or lips.

  • 01 Reflection : for high lighter
  • 02 Nocturne : Non pearl
  • 03 African Sunset
  • 05 Revenge : Non pearl
  • 06 Rose Bar: Non pearl
  • 07 Amazing: Non pearl
  • 11 Tea Rose: Non pearl
  • 13 Argan Tree : Non pearl


The shippings and the custom charges are not included on the price above. Please purchase a shipping box as your address.

We don’t accept refund or return after your payment. We inspect each item for quality before shipping it safety to you.

Please visit “How to Order

Shipping Prices Per a Shipping Box

  • Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea: JPY2,800
  • South East Asia: JPY3,000
  • Canada, Australia, and Europe: JPY4,800
  • USA: JPY5,000


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