How to Order in JPY Branch


In our JPY Branch, we serve customers who want to have multiple products and save on shipping costs.

Due to product management, we deal mainly with skincare, foundations, primers and powders. If you want to have other makeup items, please order in our main store.

Here’s how to order:

1. In the Order Form below, please describe to us the following:

  • Choose the products that you want and the quantity for each item ( Minumum order is JPY30,000, including the shipping boxes)
  • Due to other countries’ customs fees and regulations, please let us know the number of boxes if you want us to ship separately. We ship via EMS.

2. We will send you an Invoice through Paypal within 24 hours.

3. After sending the invoice, please make sure to pay within 24 hours so we can process your order.

4. We will ship to you as soon as possible (it often takes 5-7 Japanese business days for items to be shipped)


  • You do not need to put your address in the Order Form; we use your Paypal address for shipping.
  • For your account’s safety, shipping address (including receiver’s name) and billing address (with purchaser’s name) must be the same. We refund you with the expenses of JPY1,000. If you want to use your family member’s Paypal account, the receiver’s name must be the account holder’s name.

Shipping Prices Per Box:

  • Asia: JPY2,000
  • USA, Canada, Australia, and NZ: JPY2,500
  • Europe and Middle East: JPY3,000

Order Form

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