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East & South Eastern Asia, USA, France & UK  are available.

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Summery of T&C:

The custom charges are not included.

We don’t accept refund or return after your payment. We inspect each item for quality before shipping it safety to you.

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Shipping & Return Policy

Basically we do not accept multiple purchasing of one product. When you want to purchase double pieces or more of one product, let’s discuss. It can be changed due to the situations; brands/ time lag to be shipped etc.


1) Shipping Times

To ensure our customers receive the freshest cosmetics possible, we rarely have inventory. Your cosmetics are purchased when you order. Although we may be able to obtain your items as quickly as two days, please allow 7-10 Japanese business days for your package to ship.

2) Shipping Method

Cherry’s Japanese Cosmetics utilizes EMS (Express Mail Service) shipping services in JPY Branch.  Complete tracking information is provided with every shipment, and the order is fully insured.

3) Delivery Times

Delivery times vary depending on the shipping method that is selected, the destination country, and that country’s customs policies. The different shipping services provide the following delivery times:  3-10 days .

These are estimates, not guaranteed shipping times. For example, if there is no direct flight from Japan to your country, delivery time may be longer than the estimates. This is true even when shipping by EMS.

Based upon previous orders, we have compiled the following shipping times below:

When shipped via EMS –
South Korea & Hong Kong: 2-3 days
Singapore: 3-5 days
USA: 3-16 days
Canada: 5-10 days
Australia: 5-10 days
Greece: 12-15 days
France: 7 days
UK: 10 days

4) Trade Tariffs, Customs Fees, and Prohibited or Restricted Items

Cherry’s Japanese Cosmetics is not responsible for any customs charges, taxes, or duties. Trade tariffs or customs fees are not included in the prices. If you have any specific mailing requests, please inform us at the time you place your order.

Prior to shipment, we check for any prohibited or restricted items, but we cannot guarantee an item is permissible in your country. If your order is confiscated because it contains items that are prohibited or restricted in your country, we cannot issue a refund. Please contact us if this happens, so we can maintain the most up-to-date information on prohibited and/or restricted items in a particular country.

5) Undervalue and Gift

Be advised, we will not undervalue an order, nor will we write “gift” on the shipping label. We will reject any such request; please do not ask.

Undervalue is not only illegal but also crime.


Due to the delicate nature of cosmetics and skincare, refunds and exchanges will not be made. Once your order is placed you may not cancel an order, request a refund, or make changes to the items or the colors.

If an error was made by us, please contact us within five (5) days of when the item was delivered to you.

Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer.

1) Damaged or lost items

If your package is lost or damaged, please inform us ASAP. All packages are packaged securely and are shipped with insurance for your protection. You must contact us within five (5) days of when the item was delivered to you, if it is damaged. If only the interior box is damaged but the contents are intact and usable, the insurance coverage does not apply.

Contact us if you believe your package has been lost so we may track the package and file an insurance claim.

If you contact us regarding a damaged or lost package and more than five (5) days have passed, we will work to file a claim on the insurance if it is unexpired. Please understand that there are no guarantees. If the insurance claim is accepted, be advised the process may take a month or longer.

2) Different Items/ Colors

If you receive an incorrect item or wrong color, please contact us within five (5) days of when you received the package. We take great care to ensure each shipment is packed correctly, but errors may occur. Please do not test the products. Securely repack the unused product and mail it, with tracking, back to us. Once we receive the unused product, we will issue a refund or send the correct items. We will refund the shipping cost or you may choose items equal value to the shipment fee.

Sometimes a color turns out significantly different than you expected. As long as the product name and color number/name is the same as what was ordered, we do not accept returns or make exchanges. Computer monitors are not all created equal. The colors of the pictures in your browser may not represent the true colors of the products.

3) Unavailable items

If your selections are unavailable at the time you place an order, we will notify you as soon as possible. We can refund your money or you may select a different item (of equal value) and we will ship the substitute. We are diligent in our research on which items are prohibited and restricted before we ship, but there is no guarantee. We encourage you to become familiar with what items are prohibited or restricted in your countries. There are no refunds if your package is confiscated. Additionally, Cherry’s Cosmetics is not responsible for any customs fees, duty fees, or applicable taxes on international purchases you might incur.

4) Right to Refuse

Please note that Cherry’s Cosmetics reserves the right to refuse to fill any order received for any reason or no reason, as we deem necessary. Unusually large orders will be scrutinized and you may be asked to provide additional information for your security.

The shippings and the custom charges are not included on the price above. Please purchase a shipping box as your address.

We don’t accept refund or return after your payment. We inspect each item for quality before shipping it safety to you.

Please visit “How to Order

Shipping Prices Per a Shipping Box

  • Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea: JPY2,800
  • South East Asia: JPY3,000
  • Canada, Australia, and Europe: JPY4,800
  • USA: JPY5,000

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