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Addiction The Eyeshadow

Basically we do not accept multiple purchasing of one product. When you want to purchase double pieces or more of one product, let’s discuss. It can be changed due to the situations; brands/ time lag to be shipped etc.

Seems KOSE is going to describe “ADDICTION TOKYO” on the package since SS2020, but it is not meaning they change the brand name.

They changed on AW2020.

Choose your favorite, and to save on costs, we set a condition to accept your orders, please see below.

Addiction The Eyeshadow Pearl

  • 001P Cotton
  • 002P Blondy
  • 003P Christmas Love
  • 004P Private Beach
  • 005P Sandcastles
  • 006P Love Affair
  • 007P Dolce Vita
  • 008P Boy Toy
  • 009P Nostalgia
  • 010P Flash Back
  • 011P Engaged
  • 012P My Baby
  • 013P Material Girl
  • 014P Cry Baby
  • 015P Shell Garden
  • 016P Midnight Drive
  • 017P Cafe Mambo
  • 018P Jade Green
  • 019P Shanghai Breakfast
  • 020P Gypsy Queen
  • 021P Coral Pink Sand
  • 022P Tiny Shell
  • 023P Rigoletto
  • 024P Getaway
  • 025P Retro Crush
  • 026P Fudge
  • 027P Cafe solaire
  • 028P So Gorgeous
  • 029P Drop Out
  • 030P Chocolate High

Addiction The Eyeshadow Sparkle

  • 001SP Stars Witness
  • 002SP Icebox
  • 003SP Midnight Wish
  • 004SP Mariage
  • 005SP Moon River
  • 006SP Butterfly Effect
  • 007SP Gold Rush
  • 008SP Garnish Sun
  • 009SP Wings to the Mind
  • 010SP Imperial Topaz
  • 011SP Snow Storm
  • 012SP Tiny Ballerina
  • 013SP Miss You More
  • 014SP Rose Quartz
  • 015SP Gleamy Pond
  • 016SP Carnelian
  • 017SP Senorita
  • 018SP Brick
  • 019SP Red Jujube
  • 020SP Shangri-La

Addiction The Eyeshadow Matte

  • 001M Londolozi
  • 002M Thousand Feathers
  • 003M Earth Wind
  • 004M Tamarindo Beach
  • 005M Praline
  • 006M Cappuccino
  • 007M Cinnamon
  • 008M Truffle
  • 009M Bad Love
  • 010M The End
  • 011M Lilac Garden
  • 012M Cashmere
  • 013M Sakura Petal
  • 014M Sugar
  • 015M Flaming Sunset
  • 016M 1970
  • 017M Moroccan Tile
  • 018M Cassis
  • 019M Solitude
  • 020M Bad Card
  • 021M Beige
  • 022M Citrine
  • 023M Lascaux
  • 024M Dark Saffron
  • 025M Incarose
  • 026M Terra di Siena
  • 027M Clay Pot
  • 028M La Mamounia
  • 029M Avocado

Addiction The Eyeshadow Cream

  • 001C Vimana Gold
  • 002C Sunset Orange
  • 003C Love Shot
  • 004C Bad Promise
  • 005C Burnt Amber
  • 006C Almond
  • 007C Sandy Topaz
  • 008C Deep Emerald
  • 009C Lava Field
  • 010C Black Beach
  • 011C Pearl River
  • 012C Duomo
  • 013C Drop of Moonlight
  • 014C Lost Star

Addiction The Eyeshadow Tient

  • 001T Altamira
  • 002T Dark Rose
  • 003T Dewy Plum
  • 004T Earth Jewel
  • 005T Hidden
  • 006T Hollow

Condition & Price

To serve you affordably, feel free to buy and mix several products. 

  1. Choose 6 eyeshadows: JPY19,430 (we give you a palette for 6 eyeshadows without charge)
  2. Choose 4 eyeshadows: JPY14,080 (we give you a palette for 4 eyeshadows without charge)
  3. Choose 2 eyeshadows: JPY7,310
  4. Choose 1 eyeshadow and order with other Addiction product: JPY3,800
  5. Order only 1 eyeshadow without ordering anything: JPY4,200

The shippings and the custom charges are not included on the price above. Please purchase a shipping box as your address.

We don’t accept refund or return after your payment. We inspect each item for quality before shipping it safety to you.

Please visit “How to Order

Shipping Prices Per a Shipping Box

  • Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea: JPY2,800
  • South East Asia: JPY3,000
  • Canada, Australia, and Europe: JPY4,800
  • USA: JPY5,000


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